January 12, 2011
My Ideal Burrito


Many people are very opinionated about food. Especially their favorite food. Some people only say “the only real pizza can be found in New York.” Or “The best BBQ is totally in the Carolinas.” People will go on and on about these foods and what actually makes it the most ideal. 

Me, I like the burrito. I am very particular about how it should be made and what should go in it. I also am partial to the Burritos made in San Francisco (my hometown). Here is what I look for when I go to a Taqueria:

1. The Tortilla. The Tortilla should be lightly grilled on a griddle for a little bit with the cheese being melted on it. When wrapped this should give the tortilla a nice warm flaky texture! (Not everywhere will do this, most will simply use a steamer. While in my opinion this is not ideal, it is still a great and tasty option. Cheese can be added to it later)

2. Beans. Most places will give you three choices of beans. Whole Pinto, Black, or Refried Pinto. While many will snub their nose at me I say refried! It keeps things together well and it is soooooo goood! (Watch out! Some places will only give you two choices, black or pinto. In this case I would go for the pinto but vegetarians beware many chain burrito places cook their pinto beans in bacon)

3. Cheese. Monterey Jack is the bestbet for me, but some people will have generic quesadilla melting cheese which is equally as tasty. (GET THAT CHEDDAR BULLSHIT AWAY FROM ME!!!)(I actually really like cheddar, but not in my burrito.)

4. Rice. Spanish Rice! (Don’t be fooled by the lime, cilantro rice places like chipotle or qdoba will throw at you. This is not to be trusted)

5. Meat. Look, I don’t put meat in my burritos ideally even though I am not a vegetarian (weird I know). If pressed however I would go with either chile verde or al pastor. Look em up! Also don’t be scared of the lengua it is actually quite good. If you don’t know what I’m talking about look it up as well. 

6. Other Toppings!!! OK I need, Pico de Gallo Salsa! Hot Sauce. Just a tad of lettuce (if omitted its ok). Guacamole is key!!! (I don’t trust places that charge an arm and leg extra for guac. I understand its expensive but come on!) If there is an option for chunks of avocado go for it.

7. I don’t add sour cream. Don’t let me turn you off of this many people say that it completes the burrito! I also will not put corn salsa, spinach, potatoes, or sweet potatoes. 

8. It must be rolled into a foil wrap, keeps the heat in. It also must be rolled well.

Well thats it. Let me know what you guys think of burritos and how you like them!

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