January 16, 2011

After viewing Luchino Visconti’s film Senso I have many questions. First is, what is this movie about? Is it about love? Yes. Is it a war story? Yes. Is it a character drama. All of the above. Senso is a film that defies many stereotypes of how films are supposed to fit into their respective genres. If one is to look deeply into the film and its story it could be boiled down to the fact that it is about how powerful certain emotions can be and how unconditional love mixed with wealth and prosperity can change ones character in violent ways. 

The story is set in 19th century Venice with the Italo-Austrian wars of unification as the backdrop. After a chance meeting the Venetian countess Livia (Alida Valli) meets Austrian officer Franz (Farley Granger) the two strike a love affair. While seemingly innocent at first (as innocent as a love affair could be), the affair quickly devolves into what seems to be obsession on both parties. 

While the movie is a bit all over the place for me to say that I myself enjoyed it unconditionally. The characters, while well developed, at times seemed a bit one dimensional for a story as deep as this one. However the movie is beautifully shot and well acted especially by the two main characters Livia and Franz. 

I enjoyed watching this film and would recommend it.

Ok now watch it and let me know how full of shit I am!