January 17, 2011
When the Giants Come to Town! (You can see them on Showtime)

This year I was able to watch my beloved San Francisco Giants win the World Series. As a life long fan of the team I couldn’t be happier that this team of weirdos were the ones to bring the Commissioners Trophy to my city. (I’m sick of the media always referring to them as misfits, although that could be a more accurate description.) 

I reveled in the humor of Brian Wilson, the odd-ball nature of Tim Lincecum, and all those beards that graced the faces of what most of the time seems to be more of a clean cut sport. I couldn’t be happier. I guess the rest of the country as well as T.V. show executives took notice of these guys as well. It appears to be that Showtime is going to produce a reality show dedicated to the Giants season as they attempt to recapture the World Series title. 

My first inclination is one of nervousness. I really don’t want to see this become what that reality show about the New York Jets became, a show about assholes. If it turns out that my giants are actually bigoted assholes I would be heartbroken. I really don’t want to see that. On the other hand I really like these characters and would love to see them grace the hearts and the televisions of the American public. 

We shall see what this becomes.