May 31, 2011
I Ate A Burrito!!!

Due to the fact that I have returned to San Francisco, I have decided to review burritos.

For my first burrito. I returned to one of my old mainstays. L’Avenida Taqueria. I have never thought that this was the best burrito in town. I would have to leave my neighborhood for that. But in terms of the inner sunset I have always thought that it ranked amongst the best. However as I recall, I remember that it did not live up to my standards after a while and I suspected that it was starting to go downhill. When I first started going to this taqueria, it was a little hole in the wall with a couple of tables in the back. These were the glory days of L’Avenida. Then it started to try and change its image from burrito joint to sit down establishment. This was about the time that I felt that their burritos were going downhill and I started to go to other taquerias in the neighborhood notably La Fonda and Gordo’s. 

On this visit, it looked completely different. It was back to its old self, just a counter (albiet it was on a completely different side) with a couple of tables. I breathed a sigh of relief and ordered my burrito. 

The burrito was pretty good. I ordered a Super Veggie Burrito, refried beans, no sour cream. They grilled the tortilla on the grill for a bit and loaded it up with refried beans, rice, guac, cheese, pico de gallo (lots of cilantro here, I’m into that), hot salsa, and lettuce. It came with a free side of chips and the lady handed me a small dish of hot salsa with my burrito. It tasted pretty good and held up well. Towards the end it started to get a little overly juicy due to the amount of pico de gallo added which was unfortunate, but that was its only outward fault. I can say that I have had better but overall I was happy with my first burrito back in SF. 

I payed $6.75 (no drink). 

L’Avenida is located at the corner of 6th Ave and Irving St in the inner sunset. 

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