June 12, 2011
I Saw a Movie!!!

Following plates of tapas and pints of craft beer with my parents, last friday night we all decided to go see a movie. Perusing her iPhone, my mother listed off a list of movies that we should see. As per usual, my father was indifferent, I was opinionated, and my mother made the decision. We decided to see Cave of Forgotten Dreams, the latest documentary from German filmmaker Werner Herzog in 3D. 

Cave of Forgotten Dreams is about the caves and the cave paintings of Chauvet. Discovered in 1994 this cave in the south of France contains the oldest recorded cave paintings ever found. Sealed by a rock slide tens of thousands of years ago, the cave is perfectly preserved with the paintings looking like they were painted recently. 

I have a always been skeptical of 3D movies thinking that it was a silly craze that could die at any time once people came to their senses. But after slipping on my glasses and peering at 32 thousand year old drawings in 3D I am now convinced that perhaps this medium has a purpose. For one you could actually see the contours of the cave popping out in front of you and get the whole picture which I thought was the most amazing aspect of the film. For once I was truly glad to be wearing those silly glasses in the theater. 

Unfortunately this film might be the only chance that the public ever will be able to see these paintings as the French government has sealed the cave in order to preserve the climate of the cave. 

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